Check List



  • Vacuum/sweep floors

  • Clean windows (if dirty)

  • Clean off kitchen/bathroom counters

  • Clean sinks and put dishes away

  • Completely open blinds and curtains

  • Remove as much clutter as possible

  • Remove fridge art/magnets

  • Remove any items you don’t want photographed

  • Straighten up and arrange all decorative items

  • Hide pet items (bowls, toys, etc.)

  • Hide trash cans (in garage/closets)

  • Make sure all light bulbs work

  • Turn off fans and TVs

  • Close toilets


  • Mow/rake the lawn

  • Remove equipment (lawnmower, etc.)

  • Hide garbage bins (garage is best place)

  • Clean front porch/entry

  • Clean/sweep driveway

  • Clean up garden (weeds, etc.)

  • Remove all cars/boats/bikes/trailers

  • Remove all toys

  • Remove all pool cleaners and poles

  • Clean pool